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Commercial & Industrial HVAC

Whether it’s a 19th-century steam boiler or a modern heat pump system, The Buckingham Routh Co. has the expertise to handle all of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs. We’ll ensure that your HVAC system runs efficiently—keeping your building comfortable while improving indoor air quality.
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We design, install, maintain, and service a wide variety of commercial and industrial HVAC systems, including:

  • Hydronic Cooling
  • Hydronic Heating
  • Steam Boilers
  • Steam Distribution
  • Steam to Hydronic Heat Exchangers
  • Electric Chillers
  • Steam-Powered Chillers
  • Refrigeration
  • Heat Pump Systems
  • Rooftop Air Handling Units
  • Clean Steam Generators
  • Clean Steam Humidification
  • Steam Pressure Reducing Stations
  • Condensate Pumps
  • Underground Distribution
  • Energy Recovery Systems
  • Hydronic Boilers